If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day it is easy feel nauseated by all the “Happy Couples”. The worst ones are the couples who are arguing all year round and when Valentine’s rolls around they are the most loving couple in the world. It would be easy just to stay in on Valentine’s feeling sorry for yourself. However, if you do stay home you are passing up the opportunity to meet the love of your life, or at least the chance to have almighty Craic!

Copper Face Jacks

Copper Face Jacks Sign

If you are Irish and thinking of places to meet singles and Copper Face Jacks doesn’t come to mind, then maybe you should check your passport, because you might not actually be Irish. Yes Copper Face Jacks is the place to be if you are single in Dublin. Celebrate a true Dublin single in Copper Face Jacks this Valentine's Day! 

A Rocky Horror Picture Valentine 

The Sugar Club are also holding their annual Valentine’s Day Sucks event. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show Anti-Valentines Delight" is always a popular singles events on Valentine’s with people getting dressed up and enjoying the single life.

A Ceilí For Singles

One of the biggest singles events on Valentine’s Day is the “St Valentine’s Day Ceilí” held at The Grand Social. Each year the Ceilí band for this event are amazing and I’m sure this year will be the no exception. All the proceeds for this event are going to Grow/Mendicity/Threshold/Console and The Friends of The Royal Hospital Donnybrook.

Fall In Love With Dublin
James Joyce once wrote “When I die Dublin will be written in my heart”. Here is a suggestion why not, like Joyce, fall in love with Dublin this Valentine’s Day? I am not the first person to have this whacky thought lots of tour operators have special deals on Valentine’s Day bringing people to areas around Dublin of romantic significance and beauty.

A Valentine's Day At The Rugby

The RBS 6 Nations opener between the mighty Irish and Les Bleus takes place in the Aviva Stadium on Valentine's Day! This ends all hopes of staying in on Valentine's Day. The Aviva stadium will be packed with an excited Irish crowd and an apprehensive French crowd. Ireland's recent scalping of two Southern Hemisphere teams means the buzz around the team is sky high. Remember that the city will be packed due to these two events coinciding so if you need a hotel, make sure to book well in advance.

We hope you all have a fantastic Alternative Valentine’s Day this year, get out there and do it!