Ireland’s Friendly against England Takes Place In The Aviva Stadium - Kick Off 1.00pm
  • English fans allocated 3,000 tickets
  • The sides have not played each other in 20 years
  • Ireland V England kick off time 1.00pm
  • English Fans: Book a hotel room now to avoid disappointment
  • Irish Fans: Rediscover the Lansdowne Roar!
  • Why do Irish people call it soccer? 

    Concerns: Perception V Reality

    The English fans have been allocated 3,000 tickets but the actual number to be extended the famous Irish welcome could be as many as 4,000. Some will hope to buy a ticket while in Dublin and others will come over for the craic. The last game between both sides in Dublin was abandoned due to crowd control issues. Some people within the media are concerned that there might be crowd control issues at this game but most people in Dublin are excited about the game and the crunch qualifier against Scotland that will take place in Dublin the following Saturday. 

    The Gardai, English Police, F.A.I and English F.A. have all met to ensure that the match runs smoothly. However, one man has not followed the script and is causing quite a bit of agitation between both sets of supporters, Jack Grealish. Having played for Ireland as a boy, English born Jack is now considering switching his allegiances to England. As of yet it is not clear whether Jack will line up to play against Jamaican born Raheem Sterling or whether he will play with him but the issue continues to rumble on both sides of the Irish Sea. Although it is a shame that John Terry will not be playing in the Aviva Stadium both teams have quite a few exciting young players and this should be a fantastic game. 

    Where English Fans Should Go In Dublin

    English fans visiting Dublin should make the most of their trip and see as much of Dublin as they can. Normally when English sports teams play in Ireland their supporters leave the airport and travel directly to Temple Bar. Although Temple Bar is a fantastic part of the city you are unlikely to meet any Irish people there. If you want to meet Irish people then make your way up to Camden Street and Harcourt Street. These streets are full of bars, restaurants and clubs including Ireland’s most famous night club, Copper Face Jacks. Remember that June is a very busy time of year for hotels with guest-rooms in high demand so ensure that you book your hotel rooms early to avoid disappointment. 

    Soccer or Football
    David Bentley GAA
    Although Association Football is known simply as football in England, in Ireland it is mostly referred to as Soccer. In Ireland the term Football most commonly refers to Gaelic Football. If you arrive in Dublin on Saturday the 06th of June then you should be able to take the 1 hour drive to Tullamore where you can watch Kildare take on Laois in a competitive Gaelic Football game. If you do not rent a car you can take a bus which would take 80 minutes.